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New Standards for Managing Life Insurance as an Asset

Life insurance is increasingly being promoted and considered as an investment asset. However, it remains the last, largest, most-neglected asset on most client's balance sheets because wealth managers and fiducaries and even life insurance brokers have struggled with the MANAGEMENT of life insurance as an asset for a variety of reasons. In response, a group of industry leaders gathered at West Point in April 2013 to finalize a Best Practice Standard for Life Insurance Stewardship. These standards apply the same universal decision making framework to life insurance already widely accepted in the investment business.

The Last, Largest, Most-Neglected Asset on your Clients’ Balance Sheet

Life insurance is an integral component of the business continuation and estate plans of your clients, yet it is often the last, largest and most-neglected asset on their balance sheets and in their estates where few clients know what they are actually being charged. Costs inside their life insurance policies vary by as much as 80% and if you don’t know what is being charged, then your good planning can be at the mercy of a bad product.  This presentation shows both how to measure what clients are actually being charged and then how to use this information to show them you are taking care of them in ways many insurance agent and brokers cannot.

$3 Trillion in Neglected Wealth: New Opportunities to Proactive Management of Insurance Assets

The wealth management business is poised to add another component of wealth to the management process – the $3+ Trillion in life insurance policy cash values – more than that in Hedge Funds, Separately-Managed Accounts and Exchange-Traded Funds combined, and equal to almost 1/3rd of the massive $11 trillion mutual fund industry. This presentation reveals how the same 3 market forces that transformed the investment business are now at work transforming the life insurance business and how to use proven financial management principals to create new opportunities to proactively manage insurance assets. 

The 3 Things Every ILIT Trustee Should Know About Managing TOLI

Trustees of irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) often struggled with their duty to investigate suitability of trust-owned life insurance (TOLI) policies.  While many providers now offer policy review services, different providers operate under a different standards-of-care, some of which do NOT conform to a fiduciary standard-of-care.  New case law provides clear guidance for the 3 things every ILIT trustee should know about managing TOLI.  This presentation will discuss how the courts apply Prudent Investor Principals to TOLI and how you too can use these proven TOLI management techniques to reduce/eliminate liability, better serve clients, and/or increase fee income.